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EN | How do I fill in my profile?

You want to provide more information about who you are as a person and teacher and show it off to the world. Potential course participants love to see your personality shine through. So give it a nice twirl. We'll show you the basics. You are the creative professional - go for it.


By unlocking the functionality to teach at Artship, you gain new career options and find new and innovative ways of sharing your creativity and drive for art. The process is split up into three steps. First, we'll make sure you and your Artship teacher profile look their best. Completing the second step unlocks all teaching features in your account by giving us some details about you as an artist and your business. In the third step, you provide us information so we can pay you. In some cases, it's not needed to do the third step and some teachers prefer to do it once their course has started. Don't wait too long though cause we need this info to pay you on time.

In any case, you can finish them at your own speed. This is a short document explaining how to fill in your profile with the basics for teaching.


  • Existing Artship account
  • Have this information at hand:
    • High-definition headshot and a resume.

Let's fill in your profile to prepare for teaching classes

  1. Log into your existing Artship account. Click onto the user picture in the upper right corner and then on 'My Profile'. 
  2. Click on 'Edit' in the upper left corner to be able to edit your profile.
  3. Click on the 'Change your headshot'-button to go to the headshot screen.
  4. Choose a high-definition image on your computer to upload as your headshot (1) and click on upload (2). If you have multiple uploaded images, you can choose one and click on updage (3). Go back to your profile by clicking on 'back to profile' (4).
  5. Fill in your resume (1), other profile data you'd like to have published and click on 'save' (2).


Optional next step: Unlock teacher functionality

Awesome that you filled in your profile. Have you thought about teaching some classes or workshops at Artship yet? Share your creativity with the world! You need to unlock teacher functionality before you can create and manage your own classes through Artship. It doesn't take long though. Follow this guide on how to unlock teacher functionality.